Fort Wayne News-Sentinel eliminates most newsroom jobs

Published 08-13-2018

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) - The (Fort Wayne) News-Sentinel has cut seven of its eight newsroom employees but says it will maintain its website and a page within The Journal Gazette six days a week.

News-Sentinel Publisher Michael Christman told The Journal Gazette the cuts made Friday were "a business decision, based on the current state of the industry, on how the News-Sentinel was going to move forward."

Columnist Kevin Leininger was the only newsroom employee retained. Laid-off reporter Tom Davis told WANE-TV that those eliminated were given severance packages and continued health care coverage.

The News-Sentinel eliminated its six-day afternoon print edition last October.

The News-Sentinel is owned by Wheeling, West Virginia-based Ogden Newspapers. It has a joint operating agreement with The Journal Gazette for business-side operations such as advertising and circulation.

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