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As a musician from Fort Wayne, I was fortunate to be present and perform at many of our best venues. I'm here to share how you'll be kept up to date on the live music scene in Fortune and beyond.

I appreciate these venues for the amazing experiences they offer, not only for the music but also for the atmosphere. Your musical taste is so diverse that you will surely find something you like here, and then something you like.

If you're a classical music fan, you should check Google first to see if it's the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Indiana Symphony Orchestra or even the Indianapolis Orchestra. If you are a fan of music in general and classical music in particular, subscribe to the Fort Wayne Philharmonics newsletter. The Fortwayne season is just around the corner and there is plenty of great music in the form of concerts, performances, concerts and events.

If you have already used Google, the venue website or the newsletter to find concerts, you can also use this method to purchase tickets. When purchasing tickets through Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, customers can call the office for more information. Tickets purchased in cash can be refunded to the customer at any time, irrespective of the date or time of purchase.

Once the 2021 date is confirmed through, tickets will be available to the general public on a first come, first served basis. Once a new date has been announced, tickets for all 2021 concerts will be available online through the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation website.

If you know a Fort Wayne venue or organization that is a favorite, check out their website to see what's next. Simply enter your name, date, time, place and ticket number in the search box and grab the Auer Hall.

All events are free, as are all events in the Fort Wayne area, as well as throughout Indiana and beyond.

Friday Nites Live is a concert series in June and August featuring local artists from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and other Indiana cities. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can enjoy a variety of genres, including bluegrass, country, classics of the 60s and 70s. There are many ways to enjoy the music of Fort Wayne and explore the local music scene, from local and national bands to local bands. Be sure to visit all the other events, such as our weekly concerts, festivals and events in the city.

After all, many organizations in Fort Wayne, including VisitFort Wayne, regularly hold contests and raffles, sometimes including concert tickets. The free concert component includes a variety of activities, from food trucks, food vendors, live music and more, all of which are free.

You will hear a lot of music from musicians and guitarists, which will contribute to the unexpected atmosphere, as you will find a variety of genres, from country, blues, rock, jazz, folk and more. Enjoy live performances from nationally touring artists, local bands and even local artists.

Lee Cliff has been playing bass for six years and he has been singing and playing guitar for over 30 years. He arranged Metallica medleys for classical guitar ensembles and his arrangements were sold to several schools around the world.

He graduated from St. Francis University with a bachelor's degree in music technology and psychology. He uses this to work with artists and venues in the area to put on shows. David is an active member of the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber Music Society of Indiana.

Besides drumming and teaching, Kyle is involved in many things related to music, from writing original music, reviewing new music releases for music blogs and melodies, making DIY band merchandise, and building and restoring bespoke drums. In his spare time, he is inspired to make music, no matter where he works or how much money his talent brings.

That initially led Burgess to work at the Sweetwater Music Store, the world's largest music store based in Fort Wayne, and he's not the only one. Sweetwaters is one of the leading retailers of musical instruments and sounds in the United States, with more than 1,000 stores in over 100 countries, Sweetwaters is the largest retailer of musical instruments and sounds in North America and one of the largest in its class. Its sprawling campus, located on US 30, has become a hub for talent, inspiring connections and collaborations that enrich the music scene in Fort Wayne as a whole. The FortWayne Campus is also the heart of Sweet Water, its campus, which welcomes visitors to enjoy a wide variety of music and music - related activities, from music festivals and events to music workshops and workshops for students and musicians.

B-side and touring musicians including Chris Brown, Tommy Lee Jones and Kim Gordon, and even "The Voice" runner-up Addison Agen, performed a benefit concert there in May 2018. The Big Bang Theory, John Prine, David Guetta and many others have played there, as have many other local artists.

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