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This is one of the most popular events in the village and you can enjoy various festivals throughout the week, from a variety of food and drinks to music, dancing, food trucks and much more.

Whether it's Halloween, Christmas or other holidays, County 11 and Region 11 celebrate with a variety of events throughout the year. Festivals and parades are part of life in the region, classic cars are shown and dogs run in favour of the dogs. The way that the city is inundated with demonstrations and entertainment offered by local artists, musicians, dancers, food trucks and much more.

At the 4-H fair, you will get a real taste of the hospitable community, and that's just one way to take advantage of Hoosier hospitality. The festival brings together the best local vendors and attracts visitors with its flavour - the atmosphere.

By participating in a golf tournament or sponsoring a golf tournament, you are helping to improve the lives of youth in our community and the quality of life in the community. If you want to get involved on an individual level, through business or event sponsorship, we offer you several opportunities to support our work and have a great time. Get a team of 4 or 5 players together and compete for the chance to compete in one of North America's most prestigious golf tournaments. Please register today or call 800 - 222 - 4700 for more information.

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of driving the holly trolley from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Indianapolis, this is an event not to be missed. Visit the Communities page and visit the region you are in to see all the events in our region.

Take part in various craft courses and demos, watch ice carving live and play a round of mini golf with ice molds on the course. The celebrations in the Botanical Winter Garden include an ice sculpture carved right in front of your eyes. This is a great opportunity to drop by and be part of one of the best ice sculptures in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Watch the ice carvers create wonders out of massive blocks of ice, shop at the outdoor market, try out scale model cars, and enjoy live music, food trucks, ice skating and more.

We are very pleased to invite you to make this event as wonderful and unforgettable as possible. Take a break from Winterval activities and enjoy browsing through homemade, uniquely handmade items on our first ever market. We will exhibit a variety of handmade items by local artists, craftsmen, artists and artisans.

The passports will be available from 1 December at participating breweries and can be purchased in limited quantities on the day of the event. Passports will also be available at all participating brewery locations in Fort Wayne.

The Arts and Crafts Festival will take place at Oakwood Resort on Saturday, December 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A 1.5-hour bus ride from Fort Wayne takes you to Franke Park and back, and then back to the festival grounds.

The festival is a celebration of Shipshewana, Indiana and its surrounding landscape and all the cultures that celebrate the diversity that enriches this community.

When I am in the city center, it is hard to imagine that Indianapolis could have more to do with the city than it does. Countless murals line our streets, and there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and more. In northeastern Indiana, we encourage people from all walks of life to dream big - like this great festival.

The murals in downtown Fort Wayne are something you see elsewhere on a trip, but they can be a destination in themselves. The FortWayne Museum of Art not only displays local artists, but also art from some of the country's most famous artists on a tour of the country. The History Center has acquired more than 26,000 artifacts from the region's history, which are on sale.

From Freimann to Platz, Fort Wayne Art Park is home to a two-day art show. The Pint and Slice has been part of the scene for years and is the location for the first outdoor mural painted in 2014 by nationally renowned artist Yis Goodwin in a side street. While the building once served as Fortwayne's Town Hall, it seems to be steeped in stories from the city's past that continue to shape Fortwayne's growing landscape.

The festival will promote the appreciation of our agricultural heritage and will give an understanding of the role of agriculture in our lives today, giving young people the opportunity to gain experience. The winter carnival celebrates its tenth anniversary with activities for the whole family and is a must - stop in the Winterval series. Events include carnival games, food trucks, live entertainment and a variety of activities for children.

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