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Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is taking all necessary steps to ensure that it remains safe from the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Fort Wayne Art United, the local section of the National Association of Artists, has announced the creation of an Artist Relief Fund to help individual artists who have lost work and income due to CO VID-19.

To stay up to date with the latest news from FWA, visit the Fort Wayne Art United Facebook page and Twitter account. For more information about the performers - at the airport - follow them on Twitter at @ Fort Wayne International Airport.

The sculpture is one of several streets in the city centre that have helped to transform into welcoming spaces. The refurbished Clyde Theatre on Bluffton Road, which opens on Saturday, has a new art installation by local artist Michael D'Amico.

The proposed project offers a number of places where public art can be located in the city centre. The concept is based on ideas presented at the 2014 Fort Wayne City Council meeting to improve the main entrance and commercial corridor.

On the Way of the Cross, which leads to the entrance of the Arts United Art Museum, there is a mural painted by the local artist and in residence, Michael DeBrand. Shopping, snapping chocolates at local favourite De Brand, And make sure to stop by the Pembroke bakery.

If you are a member of the museum, it is important to check whether you have a reciprocal membership with Fort Wayne. To learn more about the Arts United Art Museum membership options, visit the museum's website and Facebook page.

Few, however, know anything about the colorful artworks painted on the walls of Fort Wayne City Hall in the early 20th century. This unique mural is on display throughout the city, as residents tend to enjoy a simple life. The paint is covered in a variety of colors, making it one of only a handful of murals in Indiana.

Fort Wayne's Riverfront is driving investment into downtown, providing opportunities for gatherings and recreation for residents and visitors. Public art is supported by people because they see the value it adds to their city's portfolio. Work is at the heart of the vibrant quality of life in our community, which is a major reason why so many Fort Wayne residents choose to live, work and play here.

Public Art is a positive place to live and work and has the power to represent the inclusiveness of the community. Hall explains, "It's not just professionalized street art that is transforming downtown Fort Wayne, but it's also increasing accessibility by breaking down barriers between art and the community.

The Fort Wayne Artists Guild is celebrating Plein Air this weekend with an exhibition featuring the work of artist Nancie Lasater and her team of local artists. You want to add color and vibrancy to your visit, and you are working with a volunteer program called Art in a Way, which has been working for five years to install more public art in downtown FortWay to make this project possible by connecting artists with business owners who then decide what to do with the finished piece. Art, "as the organization for public art calls itself, helps connect artists with business owners who are allowed to keep the art on their property.

In 2017, the project became an official public art program to collect and commission artworks on behalf of property owners in the city center. This grant will help us pay our bills in the meantime, "said Art in a Way co-founder Nancie Lasater. The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne does this by helping people make their charitable donations more effective, by connecting the financing of nonprofits through effective grants, and by providing leadership to meet the community's needs to improve the quality of life for all. Community United, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, is an independent, nonprofit organization with a mission to serve communities in northeastern Indiana by promoting economic growth, economic development, education, health care, and community engagement.

DID art coordinated the project through its partnership with Community United, and in its first year the group funded and planned the installation of a new sculpture, "77 Steps," which stretches along one block of Wayne Street and Washington Boulevard from Harrison Street to Clinton Street. The city is "very happy to be able to stimulate and promote the promotion and integration of works of art into public space" by supporting the city in its beautification. In addition to new art in public space, new sculptures on 77 steps will also be illuminated in summer 2018.

If you love art, visit this wonderful sculpture park in Indiana, which is like walking through a magical forest. The Fort Wayne Arts Campus offers all the facets of art that you can enjoy in one place. From there you will visit the renowned Louis Kahn Theater and the "Louis Kahn Exhibition," which shows designs and more. If you are ready for something different, drop by the park to see all the beautiful plants and flowers.

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